Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Day at Munsee

            I haven’t been to Munsee, a camp site owned by SBP, in a long time.  I was happy to see the open land of non touched forest.  This time was different then the other two times I had been there.  This time I was cooking for about 50 people.  I have only ever cooked for a maximum of 5 people by myself, but now it was 10x that.  I was ready for the challenge.  With the fantastic team of Mr. Isaac Tucker-Rasbury and me we call ourselves the I team.  The first night we were issued with the job of making a black forest trifle cake.  With the combined abilities of all the cooks dinner was amazing that night.  Later that evening I received the worst whipping of my life in spades from Mrs. Tuorto and David.  The following day we had a lot of time before we had to cook; Mrs. Tuorto and I went bird watching.  During the watch we saw a bird with a wing span of about 4-5 feet.  We did not find the bird again but we were determined to find it.  That night the I team was in charge of making the Alaskan Burgers.  Isaac and I had to make about 50 patties with about 9 pounds of beef.  When it was time to put the patties to be put on the grill and for Isaac to use the Mantula….it was an epic fail so Mrs. Tuorto and I had to come to the rescue.  That night was also the latest night I ate but it was definitely worth the wait.

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