Tuesday, May 3, 2016

$7 Food Challenge

While the entire cooking class took a trip to shop rite for our cooking supplies, Mrs. Tuorto introduced the class to the $7.00 food challenge. Mrs. Tuorto provided $7.00 for each of us to get get a meal that contained a drink, something with protein, carbs, and something that was healthy. I decided to combine my $7.00 with one of my classmates Marco.After struggling to follow all the requirements that we needed to met the challenge, we ended up getting two Snapple drinks,one watermelon and one sweet tea, Marconi& cheese,collard greens and asparagus which counted as something healthy, chicken which counted as protein, and cornbread which was considered as our carbs. For desert we decided to get a box of Sara Lee's chocolate chip cookies/brownies which we shared with the rest of class. This challenge helped me think about all of the greasy, unhealthy food I have been eating over the months, and how much money I spent on it. It also made me think about how I could implement more things in my meals that are healthy and contain protein so that I can live a more healthy lifestyle.

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