Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An awesome burger

When we walked into the restaurant's decor instantly gave off the feeling of home. from the inviting ambiance to the inviting service the Nevada Diner was showing promise. I picked the Nevada Burger for my meal since it was unique to the diner. the Nevada Burger is a type of cheeseburger which uses a special kind of cheese. I ordered the burger medium well knowing full well the difficulty of cooking beef medium well. However, the cooks in the Nevada Diner had a few tricks up there sleeves and they got the meat just right. the burger was definitely top three on my all time best burgers list and i recommend it highly. The meat was tender and juicy and the cheese complemented it perfectly. But the Nevada Diner wasn't just done surprising me as i moved my fork over the french fries. These have got the be the BEST french fries i have ever had in my life. They struck the perfect balance between crispy and soft which makes my mouth water even talking about it. Overall i would give the Nevada Diner an A-, great decor, good service, awesome food but an average presentation is what steals away the A. The way the food was set on the plate reminded me of, well, every other lesser burger i had eaten at lesser restaurants.

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