Thursday, May 1, 2014

Amazing Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The Nevada Diner was such an amazing diner. I enter the diner as if I was a critique but I felt so welcomed when a Alumnus greeted our class. When we sat down we all ordered but had to keep on mind how the food is served and the taste according to ingredients. So I chose Grilled chicken sandwich. As soon as it arrived to me the food was served professionally with fries and two piece tomatoes. I was so pleased that the diner gave us at least a chose to whether or not to put tomatoes which on my perspective is a great thing. Once I placed the tomatoes in the sandwich and took a bite out of it, it felt like I was biting something made of heaven. The sandwich was so precise with ingredients and the right cooking of the chicken so it wasn't neither uncooked nor burned so it was good. The sandwich I believe was amazing so I would recommend it.

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