Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Healthy Nutrition Tips/ Facts

Throughout America, the diet that most people choose is the fast, easy, cheap version of foods they can make themselves. These foods from fast food restaurants (KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, etc) may taste good and be quite convenient at times but in reality those foods are very unhealthy. The biggest problem with these convenient restaurants is the ingredients that are introduced to their foods. We may never know how much salt they put in that dollar burger, or that KFC chicken; that is why it is better to cook food yourself. By cooking food yourself, you are able to control the amounts of salt, sugar, and other ingredients that make food taste amazing but can yet be harmful to your body. Even though you may be on an unhealthy diet right now, you can still reroute yourself and start a new road to healthiness.
There are many ways to try and forge yourself a new path to a healthy eating habit. The first and probably most important tool to becoming healthy is being educated on what foods you should be eating and what should be minimized. A big problem for most, including myself, is overeating. Eating until you are full has been a common thought amongst Americans but yet, there is no need to eat until your stomach is bloated. Technically one must stop eating after one is no longer hungry. You can do this by finding when your body feels content with the amount of food you have eaten. After the point of feeling content, there is no longer a need to continue eating because if you do your stomach will eventually want to be overstuffed every time you have a meal.
Eating until your body is content is one step to eating healthier but if you do not eat healthier foods you are still harming yourself. Don’t eliminate the ice cream or cookies entirely; it is much healthier to have a little bit of everything including your fruits and vegetables. In order to burn food faster, one must have a decent metabolism. Therefore working out, eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones are equally important because they all play a role in helping you increase your metabolism.
Here are some tips to help guide you to a healthy eating habit:
·         Drink plenty of water; dehydration can feel like hunger when in reality you may not be hungry at all.
·         Use 8oz plastic cups to eat your cereal in the morning.
·         Get rid of oversized/ huge plates and use children’s size plates.
·         Go organic. Most foods at the frozen goods section are filled with preservatives and a lot of salt. AVOID.
·         Eat meals that contain protein, they will give you more energy and make you less hungry for longer periods of time.
·         When eating, take smaller bites and take your time. This allows your body to take time to realize it is full.
·         Eat whole grain bread instead of white bread.
·         EAT BREAKFAST. If you do not eat breakfast your body will think it is starving after a couple of hours and begin to store the food you do eat into fat.


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