Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rain and Macaroni

There have been two things in copious amounts so far on this year's 3 day hike - rain and macaroni.  It started pouring some time overnight, and was still pouring this morning.  I saw a team of freshmen as I left our cabin, and was only able to elicit some anemic "hellos" in response to my "good morning."  If I had to hike and sleep in the rain, I'm sure I'd feel the same.

Last night we cooked 10 lbs. of penne for the trail staff (about 50 people).  It's a challenge to boil that much water and cook that much sauce, but gratifying when there is absolutely nothing left in the pot after dinner.  Everyone did a great job completing tasks both here and back at school, where the guys baked 7 batches of breadsticks.  They're a very efficient crew, and good company too.


  1. I really enjoyed last night. Even though we had a lot of prep and cooking to do, we succeeded in feeding over 50 people. Due to the amount of food that was left, which was none, it clearly states that the food was pretty good.

    Making the sauce for the penne pasta I wish I added a bit more salt. The sauce tasted as if it was missing something. Even though I felt as if it was missing something it ended well.

    The night in the cabin was really funny. Making jokes, listening to music and laughing to no end, it just felt right. I hope today goes well with the dinner as well as the night in this cabin.

  2. Cooking At Munsee
    I've really enjoyed the experience up here cooking at Munsee. The tranquil environment along with great food is making everything that much better. Also hearing the compliments about the food our team made a whole staff of people was nice to hear as well. Overall being with good company and doing something you like do really makes a memorable and fun time, I can't complain.

  3. The experience so far of the three day trail has been good. Even though I can do without the ticks and bugs my times cooking and hanging out has been fun. The best thing is there is never just one person doing all the work. We all contribute and get everything done fairly quick so that we can have free time. Also the food is great, so this trip so far has been fairly well.

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