Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nasty Burgers

Almost all Americans have had a burger from Burger King, McDonald’s, or Wendy’s. The burgers taste fine to me and I have been eating them for years, but have you ever wondered what these fast food chains really serve us in the burgers we eat? After you hear about the chemicals and the meats used in these burgers, I think you might second guess yourself on getting a Big Mac or any type of burger from one of the fast food chains I named above. The burgers might look good to eat, but the meats and ingredients used to make the burger are not so appetizing.
Many people often hear that fast food is bad for you and that you should not eat it, but nobody really knows why people say that. Today I will tell you all the harmful things that are in hamburgers, hotdogs, and other fast foods that many of us consume. We will first start with the famous burger that everybody knows and loves from McDonald’s. The first thing to know about the burgers from McDonald’s (and any other fast food chain burger you get) is that they do not contain real 100% beef. The meat that is used in a burger from McDonald’s in particular is meat from many animals that is mixed together and then formed into patties, but not 100% real beef. The problem with this is if one piece of meat is from an animal that is ill, it will contaminate the whole batch of meat and whoever eats that batch is likely to get sick unless ammonia is added to the meat. The ammonia added in the meat can also be found in glass cleaner. The reason for the adding of the ammonia is to kill the E. coli and other bacteria that can be in the batch of meat.
The other thing that is not healthy in a fast food burger, surprisingly, is the bun. The bun contains a chemical called ammonium sulfate which is used in artificial fertilizer. The reason for the ammonium sulfate is the chemical activates the yeast, which allows the bread to rise. Lastly, the oils have GMO. Surprisingly, the bun is probably just as bad as the meat.
GMO are Genetically Modified Organisms that are in the oils in where the bread is made. There was a study on the harmful effects of GMO; these Genetically Modified Organisms were fed to rats for two years and after the two years the rats grew large tumors all over their bodies. I’m not sure a burger from Wendy’s or McDonald’s looks appetizing anymore. There was also another case that a burger that was kept in the original bag, inside of a coat pocket in a truck, and stayed there for 14 years. Surprisingly, the burger looked exactly like a burger that was just cooked. This shows that the meat and buns that these fast food places serve us can’t be good if they look fresh after lying around for 14 years. After all this I think twice before I step into a fast food restaurant and ask myself “do I really want to put this in my body?”

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